Criminal Division

The criminal division of the Office of the Gary City Clerk maintains court records affecting the Gary Police Department, Gary City Court, Lake County Prosecutor (Gary Office), City of Gary’s Department of Code Enforcement, and includes the following:


The criminal division collects cash bonds and records surety bond receipts.

Lake County Prosecutor

The criminal division is responsible for processing criminal cases filed through the Lake County Prosecutor’s Office in Gary.

Bench Warrants

The criminal division maintains active files and recalls of all bench warrants issued through the court for failure to appear.


The criminal division collects fines, court costs and other fees from traffic and criminal cases.


The criminal division receives motions filed by attorneys for court appearances and other dispositions.

Driver Licenses

The criminal division processes and maintains a record of court-suspended driver licenses and reinstatements; and works closely with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Ordinance Violations

The criminal division processes and maintains the court records of ordinance violations cited through code enforcement.

Background Checks

The criminal division provides information on background checks as requested from the Gary Police Department, surrounding law enforcement agencies, and other entities for citizens applying for gun permits, housing, and/or employment.


The criminal division maintains a computer database of all city court cases.